Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Posting (Reflection on Our Lesson)

Overall, our lesson went very well. My partner and I began to prepare when we first started to record our podcast. We would brainstorm different ideas about how we would teach Jimmy Lee Did It to first graders. Eventually, we came up with the objective that students will learn about words that rhyme. We came up with an index card game where the students were broken down into groups and they all had different index cards that rhymed. The students had to figure out which words rhymed and put them together. This was a great idea and it worked out well. However, we had the classroom broken down into groups the whole time and that didn't turn out too good. It was a little difficult to keep track of everyone when there were some students whose backs were turned towards us. If we were to do this lesson all over again, I would difinitely have the students sit in rows instead of in groups. The lesson plan would have been more effective if we would have included our podcasts! We completely forgot to inlcude it after we had worked so hard on it! If we would have used the podcast in the story, we would have used it first instead of reading the story twice. In a future lesson, I would definitely use a podcast while showing students the pictures of the book so that they can also get a visual of the story!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Micro Teaching 10/09/2009

OMG!!!! Today Angelica and I did our lesson plan. We were the first and only group to present today. Before our presentations, I wasn't nervous at all, Angelica was nervous because she felt we weren't completely prepared but I was definitely more laid back UNTIL the time actually came! =) The entire time I felt like i was sweating! I felt almost anxious. We lost control of the class a couple of times but Angelica did a great time catching the class's attention meanwhile I was the one freaking out inside. I seemed to be calm but deep down I wasn't. We seperated the class into groups which turned out NOT to be affective at all because some students weren't even facing us and it's such a big class that it seemed almost impossible to keep track of every student. Unfortunately, we forgot to include our podcasts in the story. When Dr. Luongo mentioned it at the beginning of class we were going to throw it in there but we decided not to because it wasn't in our original lesson plan. Overall, it turned out to be a great and fun lesson! I'm soooooo glad we got to work with our partners because I would have definitely freaked out with 25 students all by myself!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teaching With My Partner

Today we were given the option to do the actual lesson as a group or we can do our lessons on our own. I prefer to do the lesson with my partner because our book is very short and thirty to forty minutes seems wayyyy too long for me to teach alone. Angelica agreed that it would be a good idea to teach together! We go on the first day!!! Which is next week!

We are now done with class and we have the whole lesson set up. We decided to focus on the use of rhymes in the story. We're going to teach the class what rhymes are and then we're going to read the story. During the story, students will be expected to pick up on rhyming paterns. We also want to create a hand out that will be fun and students will get to create their own little rhyming story or poem. Finally, we will finish the lesson with another handout which will be the assessment that will confirm that our objectives have been met. Angie and I are meeting up next Tuesday after class to work on our lesson.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jimmy Lee Did It

We're done!!! What a sucCesS!!! At first we were recording on my partners computer and we recorded the whole story without any mistakes. Little did we know that the microphone on her computer didn't even work! So we had to do it all over again and this time it was much more difficult because we had the giggles! We had to record over and over about four times because we kept laughing. Finally, we recorded the story perfect from begining to end without any interuptions or mistakes. Our project is complete!

Pre-podcasting September 25, 2009

Last week my partner and I forgot our book so we couldn't record the story. We decided to come up with questions from the story and record those instead. Today I think we're going to begin recording our stories. We already practiced and know exactly what parts we have to read.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So we finished recording the questions and it went well. We only had to redo it once. We also added a picture to go with the questions. Overall it was a successful class period.
Click on the link below if you want to hear what we did:



Today we are recording the questions for our story Jimmy Lee Did It. We are unable to record the story because we forgot the book, but we are going to make the best of our time and do everything else that needs to be done, so next time we are able to record the story. We will have more time to practice reading the book for next time to be able to record it right away.For today we decided to come up with questions to ask about the book